Hacker, Builder, Speaker

 Path to Greatness

Stephanie Domas is a seasoned speaker on a broad range of cybersecurity topics, blending her depth of technical skills, with entrepreneurship, consulting, and Fortune 50 executive leadership. She has an unmatched passion for distilling complex security topics to meet a broad range of audience needs. ​

Sample of Speaking Topics:

  • The Hacker Mindset, and embracing ethical hackers
  • What does cyber mean when everything becomes a computer?
  • Everything you need to know about Product Security
  • What Executives need to know about hackers and security
  • Cybersecurity for the non-cyber professional
  • Its not paranoia, your connected toaster, printer and refrigerator are being targeted for cyber attacks
  • The rise of Confidential Computing
  • What does security mean for AI
  • The role of hardware based security